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Gift Boxes & Trays

Online Gift Box and Party Tray orders can ship to a single address. To place an order that ships to more than one address, contact our customer service team at (330) 852-2888 or email

To request a mailed gift basket and box catalog, call customer service at ( 330) 852-2888 or click HERE to view online.

To guarantee freshness, gift box orders may be held a few days. If the order will not be delivered by Friday, it will ship the following Monday.

12 oz Guggisberg Baby Swiss Wedge 12 oz WC Summer Sausage 9 oz Christmas Jam 13 oz Peanut Butter Spread 3 oz Fudge Cup During warmer weather,...
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20 oz. Troyer's Trail Bologna 10 oz. Colby Cracker Cuts 32 oz. Guggisberg Baby Swiss Wheel 12 oz. WC Summer Sausage 8 oz Breton  Crackers...
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