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Avocado on Toast with a Dippy Egg

1 piece hearty whole grain toast, toasted & buttered
1 avocado
1 Tablespoon purple/red onion, diced
½ lime
Salt to taste
1 egg
10 grape tomatoes, cut in half, tossed a drizzle of olive oil & salt & pepper to taste
*This recipe is an inspiration from one of my favorite breakfast spots.

Peel & smash avocado with a fork and knife. Add diced onion; squeeze ½ of a lime over smashed avocado. Salt to taste. Set aside. Toast & butter 1 piece of whole grain bread, then place smashed avocado mixture on buttered toast. Meanwhile, fry an over easy (we call them “dippy”) egg in butter, then place on top of toast & avocado mixture. Wash grape tomatoes, slice in half, drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper to taste and spoon onto plate around avocado toast.