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Bulk Foods

Our Bulk Foods selection is what makes us one of the most unique stores in Amish Country. Because Walnut Creek Cheese serves over 15,000 customers on a weekly basis, we are able to purchase products in massive quantities at large discounts. We then repackage these items in smaller quantities, and pass the savings directly to our customer.

So when you visit our Bulk Foods department, you will see aisles filled with delicious products, at unbelievable prices. We feature a selection of over 150 bulk food items! Try our popular orange slices, 12 flavor gummy bears, licorice, caramel puffs, sanded candies, and much more.

Having trouble finding the right baking ingredients? We have everything you’ll need and even some new ideas, located in our massive baking ingredients aisle.

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Recipes for Bulk Mixes.

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