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Rasberry Truffles

  • 20 oz. milk chocolate and 4 oz. dark chocolate wafers (Merkins or Wilburs)
  • 8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 
  • 15-20 drops raspberry flavor
  • coating: 8 oz. milk chocolate and 8 oz. dark chocolate wafers


Melt the 24 oz. chocolate in microwave, pour over the softened cream cheese and add flavoring (Add only a couple drops at a time to cream cheese until flavored to taste). Mix well; refrigerate a bit. Drop with spoon onto wax paper; chill a bit again until firm enough to roll in hands. Roll into balls; place on wax paper again; chill until nice and firm to coat. Melt coating chocolate in microwave, then coat. When hardened, can drizzle with white chocolate, dark chocolate or candy coloring added to white. Store at room temperature (65-70°). Tips: Go scant rather than too heavy with chocolate when adding to cream cheese. Too much chocolate can tend to make truffles dry; cream cheese is what makes them creamy. For flavoring use LorAnn Gourmet flavors (in small bottles). Yield: 60-70 candies.